Specialized Personnel Worldwide


Harwell Properties Limited, a specialized division of Oceanic Management, was established on the year 2009 as per requirement of its associate Crane Service International ( www.craneservice.it ). Harwell Properties Limited is a successful specialist Technical Recruitment Consultancy providing temporary and permanent staffing solutions to its clients World Wide.

To offer these services, Harwell Properties Limited boasts a team of highly experienced technicians working World Wide with the skills necessary to understand and accurately identify the requisites of each single job and solve problems.

Since the foundation of the company our essential ingredient of overall philosophy has been to strive for excellence and become the primary providers of competitive, efficient and reliable resource solutions. The high regard in which we are held today bears testimony to the measure of success, we have been able to achieve.

A crucial element of our philosophy has been to establish trust and authenticity amongst our clients and amongst the people that make up our database. Thus our motto "Service to Clients and concern for people."  The Recruitment specialist, as we are known, is the result of our continued strives for excellence by providing the highest quality of service to our clients at the right time, with the right people and at a competitive price, a specialty for which we are internationally renowned.

Our team of highly qualified personnel includes:

Our company ethos is simple, we seek to work with our clients and Candidates to fully understand their needs and through a combination of industry knowledge, constant review and hard work, develop an agreed plan which will enable them to achieve their goals.


This strategy along with our tried and tested personnel gives us the flexibility and diversity to supply in the most demanding environments, whether it is a single operative to carry out a specific task, or squads and project teams capable of overseeing and running entire projects from start to finish.